“Thank you Nikki so much, Foxy is so much more forward going and no bucking yay! I cantered her out on her hack yesterday and today in the school and I am just so happy she is back to her self again! Huge Thank you once again from me and Foxy!”

Kelly Mcdine, February 2017

“Thank you Nikki. I schooled Granite lightly on Thursday and last night and he felt much more forward and fluent in his work. I jumped him today in the 100cm Eventer challenge and he was awesome and we came 7th. He was bold jumping cross country and was jumping in a really good stride at everything. I’m actually thinking of taking him to Moreton BE in a couple of weeks”

April Clough, February 2017

“Just to let you know Kudoss feels great. Swinging from behind and much more forward going. I am so pleased. Thanks”

Ginny Gidley, November 2016

“Hello! I just wanted you to know that Murphy is a different horse to ride now you have worked your magic! Thank you so much!”

Heidi Houldsworth, June 2016

“Just to let you know that the boys did really well on the weekend!!! Snaffles did a lovely dressage scoring a 29 and then double clear jumping to finish 8th and then Darcy did a 32 dressage, the best test he’s ever done and then flew round the xc too fast but clear! Super chuffed! So thank you very much for doing their backs for me. They are both going amazingly!!!!”

Lizi Popham, June 2016

“A friend recommended Nicky to me for my pony, I have to say I’ve not looked back. When Minty has had a treatment I can see and feel such a difference in him. He’s quite a performer but with a little help from Nikki he’s really on top form and we are achieving so much more than I ever thought we could.”

Trina Owens, June 2016


Frank…. The Best of the Blues by Ella Stephens, owner and rider.

Never has a horse been so aptly named as Best of the Blues….We got Frank from Shropshire through a friend who had been looking for a new hunt horse, but thought he might do something more. He was 5years old and straight out of training as a racehorse….. and he was free. Unwanted and yet so full of potential, we brought him home straight away! We were hoping to do some showing with him, particularly in the Retraining of Racehorses classes. Standing at over 16hh high with good bone, a proud head and oozing quality from every pore, he was certainly eye catching. Too polite as a racehorse but full of cheeky character, Frank was always the centre of attention wherever he was.

Once we got him home, we took Frank out hunting for a season, and then started his showing career the following year at the local Honiton show. County shows followed and Frank won first time at the highly competitive Bath and West show. The results kept coming in, with success at nearly every show, and competing against the best in the country at Hickstead. Frank’s relaxation was his hunting each winter, and for 6 years he had no problems at all.

Then disaster struck. At the start of his 2011 showing season, Frank was not himself. He stopped tracking up and started going lame. He had no bend in body, was stiff to ride and had lost all his mo-jo! Frank saw the vet, he was blood tested but the tests came back clear yet he wasn’t getting any better. Previously mid 2010, Frank had thrown a thoroughpin in one hock. It was only slight and he had a course of injections to settle it down, but hindsight is a wonderful thing and that thoroughpin may have been the start of Frank’s problems. Compensating for that hock, he had changed how he moved through his body and lost his former flexibility and suppleness. He got to the point where he was incredibly stiff all round, unable to trot properly even when led out, and eventually he could hardly move in his stable, hanging his head down and not responding to us in his usual way. Best of the Blues was now suffering the worst of the blues… And we were desperate to get him sound, happy and back to himself…

Knowing Frank to be a sensitive kind of soul, and suspecting that much of the stiffness and discomfort Frank was in may be due to pain in his back, we called in a local McTimoney Animal Practitioner. Frank did not appear entirely convinced as we were asked to walk him up and down for a gait analysis and he still wasn’t able to trot, but he did relax for the treatment to realign his back and pelvis. We had felt him dropping on one side when we were riding him and it turned out this was related to the way his pelvis was rotated down on one side. He was sensitive to touch around his point of croup and hindquarter muscles which was affecting his gait. He also had a lot of pain in his neck which was why he was carrying his head low and looking so sorry for himself. We were advised that Frank may need a few treatments to help him get back to normal, but to see how he responded to his first treatment as he was obviously an athletic type of horse.

After that first treatment Frank improved so much we took him to the Bath and West show two weeks later and Frank came second. He had a second McTimoney treatment straight afterwards and then won Supreme Champion at Liskeard show and qualified for the Royal International Horse Show ROR championships at Hickstead again…the judge even commented on Frank being one of the nicest horses he had ever ridden…. If only he had known how Frank had felt only a few weeks earlier! We couldn’t believe Frank had turned around so fast, from being so desperately in pain to feeling so well again, but he had. In fact, he felt better than he had every done before…. More balanced, more powerful and, well, just more Frank! The Best of the Blues was back! We now recommend McTimoney treatment to all our friends as without it, Frank would not have made such an amazing comeback!

Ella Stephens, 2014


Jake the Pointer

When Jake the pointer first started his McTimoney treatment, he was unable to consistently put his left forelimb to the ground and weight bear on it, and he was weak in his hindquarters as well. Earlier in the year Jake had suffered a fall, which then produced muscle wastage over his left shoulder and forearm and he became progressively more and more lame. Jake’s vet took X rays which showed severe changes in the vertebrae of the lower neck with thickening and compression in three of the discs between the vertebrae too. There were also changes in the lower spinal region. Jake was referred to Langford Veterinary Hospital, where after more tests, they advised a conservative approach to Jake’s recovery plan. However, Jake was keen to get fit and there were good days and bad days. His movement worsened after a particularly gleeful downhill charge one day, so owners Jane and Pete Reynolds looked for a treatment plan which could help in Jake’s recovery.

Nikki first assessed Jake’s body and movement in December 2013, more than six months after Jake’s initial diagnosis. She applied massage to Jake’s tight and wasted shoulder muscles and used gentle chiropractic techniques to bring Jake’s spine and pelvis back into balance. While the treatment could not directly repair the changes in Jake’s neck and lower spine, the McTimoney technique did help the body to cope with those changes by returning the supporting structures such as Jake’s shoulder muscles and pelvic position to normal, so he could compensate more comfortably. After his first treatment Jake could put his left forelimb to the ground again but his recovery was far from complete. His hindquarters still appeared weak and he would pace rather than walk properly. Jake received four treatments over a six month period, and at his last treatment he was able to walk and trot comfortably, his shoulder muscles had developed again, and he was bouncing around with his doggie friends….. he was able to enjoy life again! Jake will need maintenance treatment at regular intervals as the underlying changes in his neck and spine will not have gone away. As he compensates for those changes so his body slowly builds up tension and stiffness, which needs to be released again but then Jake doesn’t mind that….. he loves his treatment sessions!

Jane and Pete Reynolds said “Jake’s progress since he began his McTimoney treatment has been impressive.  His movement has become much more fluid and he no longer relies on veterinary pain killers.  We now have a happy dog who leads a pretty normal life considering all he has been through, and the continued occasional visits from our McTimoney practitioner ensure that he maintains a good level of health and wellbeing”.

Jane and Pete Reynolds, 2015