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What is the McTimoney technique?

The McTimoney technique was developed by a gentleman called John McTimoney and first applied to animals in the 1960’s. It is holistic approach, meaning that the whole body is assessed, not just the apparent problem area.

Practitioners use a highly developed sensitivity in their hands to locate areas of dysfunction, where joints of the skeletal frame are either stuck in a reduced range of motion, or are moving excessively as a compensatory mechanism for areas which are stuck. Using quick light adjustments to the key areas of dysfunction, the practitioner is able to stimulate a healing response within the animal’s body resulting in a return to normal function of the skeletal system producing comfort, symmetry and improved performance.

The treatment is gentle, therefore if there are compensations for underlying pathologies which are not ready to release yet, this treatment will not force changes to occur. In cases where there are underlying conditions such as arthritis, and a chronic long term compensatory mechanism in place, it is usual for a series of treatments to be applied over a suitable period of time, so the body can adapt and improve at a speed which is comfortable for the animal’s body.

Your Practitioner

Nikki Routledge MSc MMAA combines the McTimoney technique with massage therapy and stretching exercises, to encourage muscle relaxation and release alongside the rebalancing of the skeletal system. Over the last 18 years, Nikki has helped many animals and their owners achieve their goals, whether competitive or comfort-orientated.

Nikki Routledge MSc MMAA has a wide variety of clients, both equine and canine, located in Devon and Somerset, UK. Equine clients include dressage horses, showjumpers, eventers, endurance horses, pony club ponies and riding club horses, hunters, polo ponies, show horses and ponies, and happy hackers. Canine clients include agility, obedience, working trials and shooting dogs, pet dogs and the occasional hound.  Every client is treated as an individual and treatment is tailored to stimulate the best recovery and response, including the provision of tailored aftercare for each owner.

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