Massage Training

Online Training… what is it?

Please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions before undertaking any of our online courses. 

These courses have been developed to allow any horse or dog owner to learn how to massage their pet, using safe and appropriate techniques through an online classroom. Notes and videos are provided to provide a highly informative and friendly experience for everyone and we take pride in providing courses which people from all walks of life can enjoy.

The massage courses cover all the necessary information you need to be able to apply a safe and enjoyable massage to your horse or dog. There are no tests, exams or pre-requisite qualifications required to start these courses. You are expected, however, to have relevant handling experience and a working knowledge of your chosen massage animal prior to commencement on the course.

Practical Massage Day Courses… learning face to face.

The days are taught in Devon, just fifteen minutes from the market towns of Tiverton and South Molton in the beautiful Exmoor countryside. There is local Bed and Breakfast accommodation and easy access from the main North Devon link road.

Notes are provided and dogs owners may bring their own well-behaved dogs. To ensure that you receive the highest level of tuition and attention, numbers are limited on each day to two people. We have several horses who are keen advocates of massage and willing to be practised upon by visiting students.

Each practical day begins at 930am, and finishes at 3pm and lunch is provided. Please let us know if you have specialist dietary requirements. Cost is £75 per person.

Massage Course Content

The Foundation Massage course shows you how to assess the musculature of your horse or dog, and teaches you how to use basic massage strokes and carry out health checks. Benefits of massage, both physical and psychological are taught to you with notes and videos posted up as weekly sessions.  The course includes the effect of conformation of the horse or dog, and teaches you about gait analysis and lameness. The focus of the massage strokes is on discipline specific massage and massage for horses or dogs with compensatory movement patterns due to injury. This is a twelve week course.

How do the courses work?

Online courses are provided here on the following pages complete with links to relevant videos. These courses are now free but we ask that if you find it useful, that you give a voluntary donation to our chosen charity indicated by the link to our current just giving page below…

Practical course days run to demand and are limited to only two students per day. Contact us to arrange a mutually convenient time and you will receive a confirmation email and venue details, plus any further information which may be deemed necessary prior to the practical day.  Cost is £75 per person.